Monthly Archive: May, 2007

Down the road

the only thing missing for me to do is to shoot myself in the head… and would you even notice? how cruel you are your lascivious lies of trust and romance led me… Continue reading

I Hate You First

Charles Bukowski once wrote: There will always be something to ruin our lives. It all depends on what or which finds us first. We are always ripe and ready to be taken.

Zooming in on You

Secrets can’t hide inside us. Other poeple has a way of exposing lies. Within the walls of the universe, the truth is stripped bare. How we keep our secrets outside the universe –… Continue reading

If Only I Could Forget You

I must be cruel only to be kind; Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind. William Shakespeare

Fairy Murky Tales

We all remember the bed time stories of our childhood. The shoe fit Cinderella, the frog was turned into a prince, sleeping beauty was awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time and… Continue reading