Monthly Archive: June, 2007


“you’re my rendition of a Filipina ditzy blonde”  wwwhat, the freakin’ m*&$*), what!? i’ll tell you i was completely caught off guard there! for somebody to tell me straight in the face that… Continue reading


And so here I write again.  This is one way of keeping me comepletely SANE, at least. I’m taking back my life, the one I turned my back on or chose to dump… Continue reading

Letting Go

I dont blame you for being you, but you cant blame me for hating it.  After all these months I’m finally trully letting go of the one thing I never really had.  Like… Continue reading


Cursed is he who justifies, for everyone knows that there is no logic behind the sadistic, intolerable, cruel subject called L.O.V.E. My world would be so much better off without it Cause he… Continue reading