“you’re my rendition of a Filipina ditzy blonde”  wwwhat, the freakin’ m*&$*), what!?

i’ll tell you i was completely caught off guard there! for somebody to tell me straight in the face that she sees me as someone dumb! wait a minute there miss, you don’t even know me so you don’t dare announce that to my freaking face! okey!

for starters, let me explain myself. defend myself for reason that what she said was so unreasonable and so totally wrong! i’ve got to correct and justify my being here! my brain! its not right! she should go to jail for that!  harharhar!

So heres a little FYI for y’all who dont know me yet:

*i know theres not a problem with the way i dress up…its not too formal or not too pornstar material.  just simple feminine, decent clothes to cover my back and represent me.

*when i talk, thats where i got caught in the net maybe, its just sweet thats all. Soprano, thats what i am, a little high pitched, and like a little kid.

*i’m a writer, most of my dear friends can tell you that i write some hot stuff literature like poems and essays. hey, i joined contests when i was in highschool.

*i’m a self-proclaimed geek in alot of ways. books are my lullabys, computers are too much of a goodthing for me but here i am blogging, i cant live without music and i know alot about it.

*if my head looked that empty, why would i be assigned a technical job, tinkering with the computers of caucasian friends?

*its just a matter of time till i conquer the world with my wits and brains…i’m going to law school! weeeee!

*i ace my tests way back when i was in school…but not with math. hehehe wink wink

*i just act like i don’t know but theres a lot behind these eyes.

But if you think so too or think otherwise, just feel to comment ok.