What I consider sacrilege

So Book 7 is out already.  You might be finding yourself engrossed with it, finished with it or helplessly waiting to get your itchy hands on it.  Well for one, my hands are still incredelously full of blisters right now.  Second, I’m so overly jealous of those people who are the former.  But thank you for the stars and the Lord above that he gave me enough PATIENCE to endure this tormentable state!

What irks me the most are those people who try to read online.  You know e-books. How dare you!? Your destroy the essence of the whole thing man! Some people have waited almost 10 years for this and you totally obliterate the reason for reading the book.  I’m sad, and my breaking heart goes out to J.K. Rowling.

I’ve followed the book eversince 2nd year highschool and look at me now, a year and a half since college graduation, but I’m still here, a minion of Harry Potter.  I definitely know this, I have the right to air the wretchedness that has been going on.

I currently have a copy of the e-book in my email inbox but i did not dare read a phrase off it.  It would have been a crime if I did.  If you did!

For all you other Harry Potter fans out there, i implore you to campaign for what is right.  Let J.K. be justified.  Its such a disgrace for me and to all for what has happened.  Once I never scorned off e-books, but i felt the gravity of the situation when it all came down to HP.  Why would anyone do that? That’s piracy I tell you.

No one deserves this.  Not even Harry Potter.