dogs are turds, allergies are for tomatoes

i’ve been knocked out cold for the past seven days by a drug that could either turn my already hollowed brain to mush or keep my body from looking like a walking allergy.  I’ve been having this allergy for the past 3 months now and they cant seem to get away from my once “flawless” skin. hehehehe i thought it already went away but i dont know what triggered it to be worst, all i did was to stay in the house for the next 7 days and the itchiness had just gone berserck on me.

There are a lot of conclusions that could answer my dilemna.  first, i think its the air or water in the house. i take a bath morning and night but what seems weird is that they itch insatiably after i do! second, is that there is that freaking dog that lurches at me everytime he sees my butt. and maybe his falling furs that are just around me everytime i go out of my room.  third, is the fish and all the seafoods that i have been eating that my grandma cooks for me which i am overly grateful for could be one of the causes. hehehehhe so which one do you thinK? ive been in and out of a dermatologist’s clinic but all they do is just give me all these freaking medications and once they advice me to get back two weeks later the cycle just goes on and on again but these dots on my lovely arms are not going anywhere.  i’m heartbreakingly considering wearing long sleeves all my life right now. i hate this.