about number 7

in my quest for some sleep yesterday, i had quite numerous dreams that i could vividly remember which i just wish that they all would and at the same time wouldnt come true. during my 17 hours of slumber i remember dreaming of finally recieving my credit card which had only a credit limit of 5k, in my dream i was like the richest person you could ever find.

the next dream i could recapture is somewhat heartbreaking for me, i dont want to go into details but it involved my x in it….

the other dream is what i’m going going to tell you next. if you remember me from before i had this enormous crush on a girl whose name i’ll be very discreet about. lets just call her “seven”.

in my dream, she asked me if we could be more than friends and what do you know, my brain turned to mush and at a heartbeat i said yes. promise! we had this great relationship and it was the best. i kept asking myself if it was real or not or if it was just a dream, and in my dream it really seemed real! talking about irony.

that girl in real time is my older sister’s batchmate before who is 5 years older than moi. we’ve been introduced and boy, was i the biggest braggart the next day after that. she was a local celebrity, much like the david beckham of our school. i had male crushes but they didnt compare to her! and now, having dreamt about Seven like that makes me definitely wonder.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again