Trying To Grasp Concepts of Your Dimension

I used to know you like the back of my hand. Until today you held your place,now you’re shifting like the sand, your chest would heave with pride if I were spoken of ’till tonight I never knew the difference between comfort and love. Although you’re sleeping right next to me well, it feels like you are wide awake in a distant dream leading a life that is finally free of these endless nights and countless indifference that turn us into who we hate to be. This is so difficult for the both of us. I know we tried so hard, there’s just no hope for us.

Well it’s more than a shame that we lost to this game. All my walking, talking, sleeping, breathing -nothing will ever be the same. I used to hold you like it’s all that I had. Now begins the falling out, we are like a passing fad. Your mouth would crack a smile if I were spoken of. ‘Till tonight I never thought I’d lose this epic battle with love. For what it’s worth, I’ve always admired you. I always thought that we could make it through. Now look what time can do. It took our masterpiece we built and broke it in two.
I always believed in you
I always loved you.