Monthly Archive: December, 2007

Would You Say This If You Could?

My empty promises Led to our demise And I could never tell you how I really feel And for that I eternally apologize We were both selfish, but I think I was more… Continue reading

My Evil Soul Contemplates

It’s like a thousand paper cuts soaked in vinegar. It’s like falling face first into a bed of broken glass. That is how it feels when I think of you with… What makes… Continue reading

My Heroine

The drugs begin to peak, a smile of joy arrives in me. But sedation changes to panic and nausea, and breath starts to shorten and heartbeats pound softer. You wont try to save… Continue reading


Taking time to bleed Squeeze my heart out of everything and anything that might break me down Because you broke me down Sometimes I wish i would just stop dead Deny myself of… Continue reading

This is How It Goes

Depression, when it’s clinical, is not a metaphor. It runs in families, and it’s known to respond to medication and to counseling. However truly you believe there’s a sickness to existence that can… Continue reading

drowning fish

help save fish from drowning…that phrase got me.


Why should I feel sad For what I never had Nothing equals nothing -Madonna: Gone


So deep that it didn’t even bleed and catch me Off guard, red handed Now I’m far from lonely Asleep I still see you lying next to me I need something else Would… Continue reading

The End of Fraud

I’m leaving again for the second time around.  You’d better believe that this was not at all a joke to me.  I saw pretty clear but when i left you all stayed the… Continue reading


am at work…just wanting to drop by to check if i can post via our server here.hehehhehe!