The End of Fraud

I’m leaving again for the second time around.  You’d better believe that this was not at all a joke to me.  I saw pretty clear but when i left you all stayed the same.  Now i think i believe that i was never alive in the first place.

I’ll close my eyes and make beliece this is where i wanna be.  Forgetting all the memories.  Try to forget love cause love’s forgotten me.  But hey, its never too late. Pretty soon I won’t remember a thing and you’ll be distant the stars reminiscing.  My heart’s been wasted on you.

I’ve never been so used as you’ve been using me, abusing me. I was your little decoy.  I shouldnt feel so blue, cause i shouldve seen right through.  You were using me. Your little decoy!

Living life outside a dream, time is changing everything.  Forgetting all the memories and you were forced into me just cuz’ i was into you.  Well hey, its never too late. When youre gone i won’t remember a thing.  But you can’t stand to know you won’t wait.  You were gone from the very first day.