Monthly Archive: January, 2008

Drown You

I wish i had saved all the tears you have made me cry so can fuck!ng drown you in them. Advertisements

am late for work

as freakin’ usual. hehehhee

Sweet Misery

See now I’m keeping my peace already, but if the leaves on all the trees were tounges, they will never ever be able to express how i feel, and if you see my… Continue reading

Beautiful Things

Now what do I do? can I change my mind? Got up early, found something’s missing my only name. No one else sees but I got stuck, and soon forever came. Stopped pushing… Continue reading

Queen Bitch

Crap! He doesnt look like he has a big “L” plastered on his forehead but why does he act like he has one?!?! is he dumb that he cant even hear the music… Continue reading

Let me Cry for all the right reasons

Everytime I try to resist, my heart insists and To hell with my ~p r i d e~ tonight I wanna C R Y . . . When we let go of someone… Continue reading


I wanna do exactly what you did to me. lead you on, make you fall for me & then just let you go . . . effortlessly. Just kidding. But then again i… Continue reading


you kissed a hell lot better than you listen; maybe thats why i cant get enough of you; i guess what they say is true…old habits die hard; but you’ll remain nothing more… Continue reading

Why Smilling is Not a Symptom of Happiness.

Just because my eyes don’t tear doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t cry. And just because I come on too strong, doensn’t mean there’s nothing wrong. I chose to pretend I’m happy so that… Continue reading


if nothing lasts forever, why cant we be NOTHING?