Queen Bitch

Crap! He doesnt look like he has a big “L” plastered on his forehead but why does he act like he has one?!?! is he dumb that he cant even hear the music screaming out loud out of my earphones signalling that i dont want to conversate? I answer him with one worded responses to his novel question and still dont get the message that i dont want anything from him???/ What the…!? Thank God the midget is already gone or else if he doenst stop blah blah blahing there i’d show him what a snow queen i can really be! Leche! The very reason why i sit here all alone, far from all civilization, isolated, and remote is that i want to be AAAAALLLlllooooooone!!! left alone!! so leave me alone! buwisit!!! go away!! This unbelievably cool day shift is awesome save that all of my friends here at work are at night shifts! So if you’re not my friend, stay away. I dont trust you. Maybe right here i could proclaim myself as a “Loner”.

i’m not trying to be mean its just that im not the social type of person, y’all know that. I keep to myself. I’m not that trusting and i dont give myself away that easily. Youve got to earn my conviction first before we all get sunny and butterflies together. If not, stay under my shadow. My friends are my friends because they dont just come along very quickly, they became my friends because we went through a lot of things together that made me realize i want them in my treasure chest of forever! And that treasure chest carries only a handful, mind you, theyre not so many but they mean the whole wide world to me (The “x” included too). Acquintances are another thing, if i see you somewhere out there and i greet you with all smiles that means i like you and youre closer to special like my friends as well. If i just walk past you or wont even lift a single smiley muscle off my face it only means i dont even care and to hell with you. I’m just picky that is…so be happy! If i smile @ you that means you’re extraordinary!

alright, alright, back to the creepy guy!
But that ahole was really annoying me! If i was interested in chatting with him, i’d go at it! but didnt he get the message?! Like so freaky!!
Work is “me time”!!!! Don’t invade my space buddy or you’ll be higher than the spaceships in outerspace after i’ve kicked his freakin’ a**!!
hoot! hoot! hooot!!!! glad i got that off my stuffy chest!