Monthly Archive: February, 2008

Is It In?

three words to ruin a guy’s ego. Advertisements

Hell Hath No Fury Like Someone like me Scorned

i was angry with my friend i told my wrath, my wrath did end i was angry with my foe i told it not, my wrath did grow and i watered ut with… Continue reading

So? What then?

I’m first to admit that even though some people just keep it to themselves that they think of me as the "supreme diva of all critics".  Call me whatever you want. "hisa-an or… Continue reading


she’s loud and onbnoxious….i’m really sick to my stomach with my ears bleeding out beacause she cant shut her mouth. doesnt she know this is a cafe? everyone is suppose to shut and… Continue reading


JUDGE MEand I’ll prove you wrong. TELL ME WHAT TO DOand I’ll tell you off. GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME?solve it. THINK I’M TRIPPIN’?tie my shoes. CAN’T STAND ME?sit down. CAN’T FACE ME?turn… Continue reading

Half A Halo Is Upon Angela’s Head

The gate opens…she looks at the clock…it reads “10:00” in the evening.  Her daughter arrives  7 hours way ahead of schedule.  It seems unlikely that she’s at home.  Could this be just a… Continue reading

manang…copycat ka!

What the effing hell is my older sister thinking!? Going to law school just like me! kailinit!!!! promise!!! this is extreme annoyance! beyond atmosphere level!!!! i swear if ever we are gonna be… Continue reading

Guilty Pleasure

during my day off i wasted my time on the guiltiest pleasure i could ever have imagined by watching the saw series, 4 of them in a row. yeah, there goes the sadistic… Continue reading

sluggy karen

i know now what the name of my favorite internet cafe stands for and it kinda hits the mark. “i” according to the meriam webster dictionary means “the one speaking or writting”. “logy”… Continue reading


we only said good bye with words i died a hundred times you go back to her and i go back to black