Guilty Pleasure

Jigsaw during my day off i wasted my time on the guiltiest pleasure i could ever have imagined by watching the saw series, 4 of them in a row. yeah, there goes the sadistic side of me that you have yet to discover! sue me if i’d die not watching hackenslash movies. dare me and i’d go all the way! yay me!!

so i went to julie’s house for a movie marathon and man, that was an awesome ride. we just bought this faux pass dvd (35 in 1?) and teared our eyes out on the brutality of the series. we started after lunch and finished the movies before seven pm. and that was a major pigging out session with julie tooo!! hehehhe

jigsaw, the movie’s antagonist is beyond evil. he is the devil, personified. come to think of it…he likes playing god though.