Hey dave!! Dyou still remember this thing that we composed a while back ago?  I saved it!!! I was rumaging through the blog i deleted for some reason and thank the heavens that i saved all the entries in my email.  hehehhe so here goes… Mine would be in green and yours in blue. ehehehe…July 21, 2005 pani dearie. =)

"Sacked…Striking a chord in my heart  Robbing it with all its riches Insentient son of a bitch! whorewoebegone no need for garrulous invocations though stupid this may seem ive forgiven…" 

"why forgive when you would never froget howi once stole all of you? and how you once called me whore, bitch, whatchamacallit? why forgive and woebegone?"

"I am stupid the stupidest its the complicated irrationality of love that makes me forget and cherish you even more"

"indeed it is irrational a test of reason taunted but is forgiveness the mother of cherished moments is it not forgiveness clears all cherishable moments like love joy, pain and woe?"

"memory know its inevitable to survive without him we cling to him for all that we know and if we lost the ones we love they take away apart of ourselves forgiveness then is a way of hanging on to the volubleness of what life and love has offered"