mah first time

Just because I’ve been taking calls in this industry for over two years already and just becasue I came from the toughest account in Teletech doesnt mean "anxious" is not in my vocabulary when i take on a new account.  I can feel my stomach dropping already when i recieve that first call…aaaaaaaaaaaaack!   Maybe it was just pure devine luck that i was the only who passed Quality in the training room.  I am so not prepared for this, mehn.  I dont even know a thing from training. shyet.

How i ended up in this new account is a long story I dont even want to recall.  I’ll tell you about it when I’m ready to spill but right now all I want to do is lie on my bed and not think about tommorow’s helluva day.

Hey!  I’m from Kodiak, I can take on anything.  nanu ka man Karen man.  I can do it. Hala ya pero kulbaan ko dyapon mga murat.