And If I

Sometimes life gets us at our downest.  The things you never expect just hit you right smack in the face.  These past few weeks I have been eaten by my conscience and my guilt that I shouldnt have taken that Law Entrance Exam drunk.  Not just a hang over but seriously drunk.  But I passed. Weeeeeeeeee!

Let me tell you about that dreaded night and day.  Just because I know how to get drunk but still have my sensibilities open doenst mean I’ll forget about my dignity.  Mehn! That was some night!

I was dead drunk just 1hour after my shift because the guys just poured it over and over.  At 12:00, an hour later my gang (ken, butch, bryan and nathan) went to Hoshi..a bar just infront of Mo2 Ice.  Right there we drank even more with the mic in our hands.  We stayed there until 3am and we took a tricycle to Taste’s Station and stayed there until 5:30 am.  They wouldnt let me go home knowing that I had an exam at 9am later.

They eventually let me go, it was about 6:00am when I woke up in a different city.  Wasted wasted gid ya ka-ayo. haahhahahah

I woke up at Sarabia when I should have gotten off the jeep at Silay.  You cant imagine my surprise at that time.  Dula tuyo ko eh. ehehehhe

I only had 1 hour or less of sleep when I took off for La Salle.

The worst part of it all  is that I was late for 5 minutes so I had to begin 5 freakin minutes later than everybody and I wasnt able to finish the first test because it was strictly time. bullshit.  I said to myself that I should just do better with the two remaining test, so i did.  But the thing is, I was still drunk right, every time I looked down on the exam paper it was rotating. ehehehhehe

So anyway,  I hope this never happens again and if it does, there are only two persons to blame.  Bryan for not letting me go home and letting beer just rain down my throat.  Myself, cause I like beer.