Drinking Dry

If I can write a novel on how my week went so far…it would end up in pages more than you can count. No more drinking for me. This girl is alchohol free for the whole month. Until June ends that is and I’ve since its the 28th…2 more days to effing go. Summarize ko na lang mga chep ha…
As far as I can remember (there has been alot, i know) my wavemates and I went out for dinner at Chicken House and went to Mo2 until 3 in the morning. Thursday was crazy. Manxu, Gino, Bryan and I met at SM…had coffee at Bob’s Lacson with Cogie, had one bottle and more at Mo2 Ice, dropped off Manxu and Cogie at 10pm, went to Sorrento with Gino and Bryan and had more, when Gino went home Bryan and I drank again with his friends until 1:30am after that we transferred to Select infront of Carmelite church for more, at 2am we decided to hitch it since we had work at 4am. I just dropped him off at his place and I went snorring my nose out at Kaye’s pod.
I was supposed to go home at 8pm that Thursday but when people say one bottle, never believe them cause behind everyone bottle is 3 or 6 more. Never again oki. Sala mo na Mank. I ended up wearing my clothes more than 24 hours ya eh. Leche. Hehehehhehe