Change is good.  Adaption is the very definition of life- and I am very much alive.


In as much as I want to deny my friends of the truth they bare, I possibly can’t.  They get under my skin and tell me that all is not well with everything that I have become.  They’re right and they’re absolutely wrong. 

In the aftermath of a very tragic chapter of my life, I have been feeling nothing but abysmally void.  Empty, barren and raw silent.

I used to be a "good" girl and now they say I’ve altered into something "bad".  To put it bluntly I’ve mutated into a scenario of "GOOD GIRL GONE BAD" theme.  Its like a fairy tale with theme park characters.  No one really understands.

Now this wretched thing that I have transformed into is not that unethical.  I don’t do drugs, I don’t do boys and I don’t do SEX.  That subject is out of my league.  I may be open about it or share my thoughts about it but, no.  Never.  The only thing that might have revised about me is that I go out alot, I don’t go home after 30 hours, I drink too much, I sm789oke a lot, I even dyed my hair, the way I dress, I put on make up and a lot of stuff they mentioned that have changed with me.  Those things that I have specified that they said struck a little close to home.  Or maybe it did.  They are right.

I cannot negate thier comments cause a long time ago I’ve already accepted the fact that I was changing.  To rebuff these changes would only permit the world to eat me alive, letting me deteriorate slowly till I no longer am lucid.

I am fully alive now.  Thanks to changes.  And thanks to my friends for accepting whomever I have become.  (even though they liked me better way back)