Girl you know you need to stop

When my mom is at her wit’s end when i come home late, that only means one thing:  She’s had enough.  Enough is enough then.  Why not!?

I can’t go home intoxicated and 10 to 12 hours late anymore.  I wasn’t like this before and I can tell that my mom is pretty worried.  I’m running out of excuses to tell her where I’ve been.

First day of work and I’ve got beer running in my veins already.  I think that I’ve got more alcohol than water streaming in my system.  I’m not much of drinker but its been getting constant lately.

Yesterday the gang went to Time Out at the weee hours of 3pm and we transferred to Bilco and was joined by Bryan’s friends until 9pm.  Butch and Bryan were absent today because they went home until 4am earlier.  I was late for four freakin’ hours (what’s new?) and Dennis was sleeping the whole shift!  Hehehehehe

I’m so sorry self, but you have got to stop this.  Karen! Snap! Snap! Snap!!!