Stupid Cupidity = Insanity

All sober thoughts come out when you have alcohol running free as a bird through your veins.  Conversations are worthy of listeners.

I love intoxication when the conversation flows like an unbridled waterfall.  Even when I’m the only girl around and most of the time I’m out of the conversation when they talk about football.  3 to 1.  Its alright.  It’s all good.

But when the guys tell you whats their take on you situation.  You’d almost want to glue your ears on their lips just to keep you head straight and for your brain to function the way their words are telling you the way it should be.

I think its true when they say that I have because of the previous traumatic life changing experience I have recently survived, I have closed all the doors thinking that love is complete suicide.  I still want to fall in love but the angst is still sore and raw that jumping in rivers unknown would only swallow me whole again.  I still want to but have denied all the possibilities.  Well yeah, they have got a point, coming from Bryan and Ryan.