Lina-ga and Porkchop

Exactly a week ago I was telling myself that my so-called life was so far, so effing awesome.  But now I’m experiencing a melange of emotions I cannot even describe as good, better or worst because the thing is, my so-called effing life has gone from awesome to totally f*cked up.  As of today, I’m officially what society may call a “BUM”.  shyet mehn.  This is so mothureffing bullshit.

I was working for my recent company for almost two years.  1 year and 11 months to be exact and then this major case of unluckiness happened.  I need to control my need for vituperation even in this blogdomcome.  Excuse my language but %*U$%@%*)(*%$^M.S.$$&908($%#@%*()!!!!  %&()&*(^&$%#$*)))&$#@@^))!!!

What happened today was that with a heavy bleeding heart, i surrendered my I.D., access card, and my trustworthy reliable headset to hcd and signed the papers for my resignation. I said my goodbye’s to everybody and waited for my entourage until 7am for their off.  While waiting, for the last time, I ate Lina-ga and Porkchop at Meca. huhuhuhu…waaaah!! I’m so freakin depressed.  I always thought I was stronger but today was a total blow for me. 

The last thing I remember doing was going home with Bryan after visiting Jun’s baby girl at the hospital.  My heart is so effing breaking.  I don’t have work anymore.  waaaaaaaaaaah!!! 

Where is alchohol when I need one in my system??