Putting Me Out of My Misery

Its Saturday night.  I’ve decided to waive my freedom to go out.  I think its time to redress my life just this once and find out where the hell I am going.  I’m digging myself out of this 6 feet cthonic palace from perdition that I have place above my head. 

I’m watching the Heroes Season 1 Weekend Marathon now and it just feels so good that I don’t have to wear makeup and a skimpy party dress tonight.  All my admonitions are finally being realized by my senses and my mom thinks its a damn miracle from the heavens above that her black colored sheep is in her other worldly room.

I think its a start.  I am ignoring all the messages and calls from my gang to hang out tonight.  Sorry you guys.  I need this.  I think I just had my back against the wall all along without really realizing it, but now I know I can rise above this mess that I have become.