Monthly Archive: August, 2008

Kicking Golden Trash

I do believe that I am most blessed at the moment (well, even though it feels as if my heart has been jack hammered).  This afternoon, Manxu, Bryan and I were walking around… Continue reading

Rounded Up

The gang was rounded up at Christian’s crib last night.  I had a blast cause it was the first time in a long while since we were together like that.  Everybody was there… Continue reading


This is it.  I need to learn how to play that freakin’ game called DOTA.  Just think about how I am feeling right now.  Super deliriously bored!  I get off from work at… Continue reading

Puzzled Emotions

    You see, I’m a slave to my emotions.  I let my feelings control every nerve of my body that sometimes I keep forgetting that it is not right to feel the… Continue reading

Major Super Oooops!

So, I kinda sorta like him a lot more than I’d originally planned to. Daymh, you Butterfly Man!!

Butterfly Man

Lets start with the fact that he is pretty amazing.

The Reason

So there’s this boy and the way he laughs, makes me smile and the way he talks, gives me butterflies, just everything about him makes me happy.

In the Shadows

i dare not tell the things i wanna speak even though i have to say that i am still existing freely and unwanted

Why Won’t You Die Mr. Butterfly Man? Die Please.

this unlikely son of perdition brings out the best and the worst choking, stratifying, engulfing, curoscating breaking the circumambient social order in which mortals dwell, extirpating and slakin (my) virginal mind with volubhle… Continue reading

Hammered..again and again…

I came home pretty wasted the other day.  We drank from 7am till 10am.  I was bartender for a day.  Jun and Bryan went out while Butch, Nathan and I were left at… Continue reading