Monthly Archive: August, 2008


Can you imagine where I am right now?  Picture me in a dusty computer shop with four guys playing dota while I make "tagay" the Red Horse.  Its exactly 9:18 in the morning… Continue reading

A Baptismal, A Fever and Two Drunken Boy and Girl.

I came home pretty pretty drunk this morning. I couldn’t contain the bile that was overflowing in my system so I had to puke before I had to go to bed after I… Continue reading

The Princess is in the building!!!

The Princess is back!! Awesome!!  I’m starting work on Monday.  After that retrenchment scare, they just couldn’t let go of one of the best agent on the floor so they had to bring… Continue reading

In the Heat of the Freakin’ Moment…Literally

Hhhhhhmmmm…payday today.  I had my hair done.  Ate my heart out.  Gave my mom and little sister a treat.  Smoked face to face with my mother.  But just wait till you read what… Continue reading

Bike Ride

It was the heartbreak to end all Heartbreaks.  If I wasn’t careful enough my heart would have hardened to stone.  I thought it was a very good alternative, but lets face it.  Why… Continue reading

Friends??…Ughhhh…Maybe Not Right Now.

I decide that cultivating a lasting friendship with Him is way more important than dwelling on the hurt and pain He’s caused me.  Who cares if He lied to me, who cares if… Continue reading

Redeeming Myself

And we are having this conversation again.  At this point in time, we can’t really say how it all wraps up in the end.  Fate is a mystery we have yet to uncover… Continue reading

I miss my “Princes”

In a group of seven where the only girl is yours truly…I can’t help but miss the guys sooo soo much.  And they call me "Princess".  How terribly pungent the first time I… Continue reading

Sinister Ways of Holding On

kiss me that i may never wake from this abyssmal slumber i behold life will go on without me but for you i will linger on in your mememory you hold me tight… Continue reading

Goodbye…for now.

“…the call center industry, its insular world full of cubicles manned by bobbing, murmuring heads. “…the nocturnal generation that is slowly growing up under the baleful glare of the fluorescent lamps and the… Continue reading