Piglet Alert

Oink! Oink! Oinkie Oink!!

I cant fit my pants and I can fit my pants.  Its either that I have grown out of them or I’ve grown in on them.  My buttoned shirts are revealing what they shouldnt  reveal. Peekabooing straight ahead my bra.   I’m afraid to stand on the scale because I might me going over 100 pounds.  When I turn over while sleeping I cant even toss and turn anymore cause my stomach hurts.  To cut it short…I’ve become fat.  Shyet. 

The bad thing is that I cant wear my clothes looking like I borrowed it from my 5th grader niece.  The good thing is that people tell me I look better than the waif I was before. 

I have mixed emotions about this sudden change in my body.  I mean, I’m not pregnant or anything, but the thing is this is so not healthy.  I feel like I’m accumulating fatty trash inside my body.  I havent even had exercise.  All my joints are creaking at times and I cant even bend my back without saying “ouch!”.  All the beer inside me have been swimming freelance inside my system like they are blood. 

I’ve been trying to get sober but I just cant help it.  If there is no alcohol, I pig out a lot.  I mean alot.  Super cosmic alot. 

Whatever.  This fat person that I have become, I’m enjoying it anyway.  Cheers to food, beer and cigarettes and 12 hours of sleep! oh, and dvd couching as well!!!