Nainit Koh

Yuck.  Ew.  I gained 11pounds heavier the last time I checked.  I feel so clogged up with all the fats stored in my belly.  Even my supervisor did a one on one with me to tell her if I was pregnant.  And whats there to to deny when there really is nothing there.  Maybe I just drank a lot of milk lately before going to bed.  Or maybe, the beer is taking its toll.  Or maybe I just spend my day sitting infront of the television either, pigging out over a new series dvd marathon, playing PS2, or just slothing around the house with chips on my hand and coke on the table.  Or maybe I just sleep the whole day.  Or maybe its the drunken nights?  I don’t know basta ew gid ya sang feeling ko lately cause, I think I’m very big na.  I hate this.