Far More

When you decide how much time

Do you let pass before

These false stars, these small meals

They’re for my starving hands

Just treading shallow waters

Avoiding the drop of the ocean floor

Far more than we possess

How much longer,

How much longer do we need to wait?

For a moment when the blare of the tv subsides

And the song fills the air,

Playing every night

A change in the key feels like a change in the season

I pretend almost every other night

That this body and its entirety belongs to me,

Every breath

It comes and goes

It comes and goes

All night

Well, you can’t dictate the way I’m gonna feel

No matter what I’m forced to see

I’ll be free of jaelousy

Far more than we can take

So well rehearsed

I coordinate this kind of mess

I love you and I miss you

What else is there to say?