Every Night Is Another Story

I’m going to do everything you did to me to you. But I’m out of ammunition so I’ll take these words and fire them right straight into your chest. I’ll find a new place for them to rest, seize up your insides, tearing your flesh. Open up and let them in. I’ll write your name across the wall, with the all the blood that spills from my heart. Break my limbs and stretch my skin until my hands can reach across the floor. Feel for this pile of broken glass, I’ll hand you the sharpest one to place it right in my back.

You did everything to me what I’m going to do to you. This is the last thing that you’re getting because were through. The only thing thats perfect are the roads and silence we put between us. Because you know I’m always writing you unopened letters just saying how good it feels, not to have you here.