Monthly Archive: November, 2009

Doughnut Delight

My shift from work started at 12am till 9am.  I was so glorified to find a box of Krispy Kreme for breakfast when arrived earlier. My aunt just arrived from Manila and she… Continue reading

Movie Night with Mama!

Friday night is movie night with my mom and my sister.  I spent the whole afternoon until and half of the evening just waiting for the both of them at the mall. We… Continue reading

New Moon = No Moon

The book was not so extraordinary but the could the movie be any worst  Am I the only one other than my mom and my sister who think that the New Moon movie… Continue reading

The E.N.D. and my Beginning

As a birthday gift to my self, I bought the Black Eyed Peas’ album The E.N.D. I wasn’t really excited in turning 25 yesterday.  That would mean accepting my fate as a grown… Continue reading

Lost One and Win More

Yesterday was probably the best birthday ever.  True, I lost my phone, however, something happened way way better that night. Thanks to all the people who were there for me on my birthday! … Continue reading

Eleven 16

Usually, the first posts are the most awkward.   The hardest part is forming an introduction and formulating the words to say.  The beginning.  But of what?  My life as I know it, just… Continue reading

The Most Faithful Phone Ever

    If I am going to lose my moto phone, then it will be confirmed that the universe is conspiring against me.   I lost my other phone today and it hasnt even… Continue reading

Sorry is so easy for me to say to you.

Argh!  Freak me!  You’re the only one who can make me say “Sorry” faster than a clock ticking half a second.  Suplado, suplado cimu ka tama.  But I don’t understand why I put… Continue reading

Okey You Win

Everything in this world is borne out of things bumping and smashing into each other. Immense quantities of energy are produced by the swirling, chaotic dance of atomic particles crashing into one another.… Continue reading

When The Fat Lady Sings

Usually when you tell on someone, that means your harbouring one of the deadly seven sins, called envy.  I was wearing a white baby dress, black stockings and a loose overcoat and I… Continue reading