Gibber Jabber What’s the Matter?

After 4 days of hospital haven, I am finally out.  I wish I could’ve stayed longer though, but  if I ever have to listen to one of my doctor’s awkard sermons again I am never coming back.

You see, I have been in and out of the hospital for four times for the last 2 and a half years.  The last three ones, they didnt find anything wrong after all the tests they put me through.  However, when I did the ultasound last Wednesday, they found something right behind my liver.  Something cirlce, about the size of a penny.  My doctor says it just benign.  Nothing to worry about.  But sure there is! I’d be a damned robot if I believe him.  If something is in my body, then there really is something to worry about.

Fortunately, my mom wasnt in all of the lectures from my doctor.  That would have been so awkward!  Basta…the lectures are confidential.

So there goes.  I might probably be dying or something.  No biggie.  At least I’m unique and special now cause I am sick with something, thats what my sister says, that horrible bitch that I love.

Aaack!  So much for independecy and peaceful existence.  My mom has forced me to go back home and occupy my grandma’s room.  It’s big, comfy and….religious.  Just wait till she gets back from the states, it will be like Hiroshima and Nagasaki everyday.  But I miss my grandma, she is like the itch that I like to scratch but don’t want it to go away cause it feels nice.  When they told me that I should be the one to accompany her to the states, I strongly disagreed with all my heart.  All the nursing students in the family will not do because they are barred from going outside because they were “nurses”.  All heads turned to the one person who didnt have anything important going on with her life at that time, and that was me.

What if I went to the states instead of wasting away here?  No.  I would’ve cried everyday there.  I would not have liked it there.  Sure, my  bestfriend is in New York, and I would have been in Chicago.  We could’ve planned to meet each other in an intersecting State. That would have been fun.  But if surely that would’ve been awesome, my life is here.  I dont want to be anywhere else.  Silay-Bacolod.  One 30 minute jeep ride.  One 15 minute car drive. 

Apparently, I am just gibbering now.  This is one of the many moments in my life where I let my fingers do the talking.

Going back to my morbid sickness…

I just don’t understand as to why in the first place I have this nefarious thing inside me.  It is just plain wrong.

Wait, mother calling….its time to drink my medicine.  Shooot.