Monthly Archive: December, 2009

Happy New Year!


Pizza Partey!

I saw a jeep pull over in front of the office late last night, and thought it was awkward that it was there. To my amazement, the people inside started unloading boxes and… Continue reading

Late Out with Manxu


Playing DJ

 click picture to zoom in on my office life They did it again: put up the karaoke, big speakers and switched on the tv for the holidays! Yay! That is me pushing the… Continue reading

Let the Silence Speak

Another number.  Another story.  I am changing my number today, should be perfect for the new year and a new take on how I rule my life.  There is a long story in… Continue reading

You’re Coming 2010….Goodbye 2009

Woke up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy….ack! no scrap that.  More like…woke up in the morning with “what the hell did I do last night?” I drank a lot  yesterday, I think. … Continue reading

Mayweather Is Wetting His Boxers Right Now, Don’t You Think?

That is why all these crappy BS are spreading around. In the blatant words of my sister, there is much “trash talk” going on about the rumor that the World’s Greatest Boxer that… Continue reading


So Young So Dead

Brittany Murphy is dead at 32.  Should I be sad?  All I am feeling is scared.  Why should she die at 32?  Its like sending a message that I could be dead at… Continue reading


Today, for the first time,  I was called “horrible” by one of my customers.  I nearly cried because I put much effort in explaining to him our promotions but he was just abhorrently… Continue reading