Bacold Fashion Week Go See

Its just either one of these two results:
1.  My dreams of becoming a model is going to be crushed…..again.
2.  Or, its my time to shine!
The second day of my day off was spent sleeping, flaunting and shopping!
I met my friend Trash at the posh hotel at L’Fisher to have a go see for the Bacolod Fashion Week.
Honestly, what do you think of my outfit? I wanted to look simple.  White top, jeans and rockin’ boots will do.
There I am filling up the form.  It asked me for my breast sized and my weight!  Acck!  I do believe that it changes every season! This was done at the rooftop of the hotel.
Lounging around after the interview.  Crossing my fingers.
I just wished that there was a walk off because I know, I am soo so rockin it!
Time to leave.  This was taken by Butch Causing, the photographer of the agency.  I am with Daphne and Trash.  BTW, Daphne is the 1st runner of Miss Masskara 2009.
Time to go.  Awesome shoes are waiting for me at the store.
I will post the shoes once I have the time, ok.