When Pants Get Lost

I am bored, I am hungry and I want to party!
But I cannot do that yet.  Boy seems to have dropped his pants somewhere, literally.  Yes, he went home a couple of minutes ago just when we were going to the party already. Apparently, we must have dropped his pressed pants down at the basement.  This is very funny because, we have been in here all day but then…no pants.  Excellent!
So I am here in the hotel room, fully dressed 10 minutes ago but in underwear as of the moment because I don’t want to crease my dress while waiting for him. I am just going to tell you about my transformation instead, ok.
This is the before pic.
I decided to have my hair curled up for the event.  Just take a look at that ugly addictus person.
There, I am all curled up.  Now it is time for
make up and more hair!
Don’t I look like a maldita diva?  I do!  I love it!
That’s me before I took  it all off.  Aaargh!  I hate waiting! Hopefully they will arrive in a short while.
Ok, the Nike shoes aren’t supposed to be there.  Poise destroyer, hmph!