My High Def. Resolutions

Hopefully…..I can stick to them until 31st of the last month of the year.  Crossing my fingers:

1.  No more absences, lates and over breaks:
     Gosh, I don’t know if I can keep that up.  With the schedule that I have right now, there is no chance in hell.

2.  Take up a new hobby or anything productive:
     Sure.  Rock climbing? Still thinking about it.  Or maybe I can continue this blog as a hobby. 

3.  Open a bank account:
     That would mean I will not go on a shopping spree at every fifteen days of the month.  Lets say, just after every 2 months?  Aaaaack!  I scream “effing murder!”. 

4.  Save.  Save.  Save.
     Just backing up resolution number 3.

5.  Cut down on the parties:
     Uhm, I just don’t know about this.

6.  Take myself a little less seriously:
      I will get a life this year.  Live.  Laugh until my cheeks hurt.  Eat McDonald’s Cheeseburger Deluxe without being guilty.

7.  Go anywhere:
     Yes, this year I will take a trip to everywhere.  I’ll start with Boracay.  When Stacy and Altea proposed Boracay, at first I was reluctant, but now, it is sooooo on for me!

8.  Go to Law School, Not go to Law School:
     I still haven’t made up my mind yet.  I am torn between saving money and spending it on school.

9.  I will get a life:
     Yes, it will not be with someone who hides me in dark corners and make me leave my friends faster than I he can say “go!”.