Monthly Archive: February, 2010

Uhm? Where to? Who to?

Oh Ehm Gee.   It is my barkada’s Cadiz weekend again.  I will be disappointing them….again. They are having a  trip to Lakawon this morning and I am torn in between because I already… Continue reading

All Worth It for the Brazilian

Vanity is pain they say and I am a firm believer.  The greatest suffering I have ever had to pay for beauty was what I did earlier.  The feeling is like a thousand… Continue reading

Wake Up Call

Okay, since my doctor advised me to go to the gym and that the next time he sees me, I should have a Coca Cola body, I decided I should let loose today. … Continue reading

Food Baby!

Yay! Yay! I just got home from an exhausting and very scary day at the Bacolod Diagnostic Center for my scheduled ultrasound.  My friend Rochelle was there as well because she was said… Continue reading

Quack Quacking

I had a month long delayed doctor’s appointment today.   I had a follow up check up with my doctor about a cyst inside me that the specialists discovered when I was hospitalized early… Continue reading

I’m Happiest When I Go Shopping!

  After two months of shopping hiatus, I finally did a shopping binge yesterday! Gawd, it feels so good!

Warning! Hotdog may cause choking…..blah blah blah!

I saw on the news today about pediatricians campaigning to redesign the shape of hotdogs.  To what!?  I have been eating hotdogs all my life and there is no shape I would want… Continue reading

Proud to be Kolasa

Yay!  I will be getting my Kolasa cellphone strap this monday! Back to back features.  I will be getting mine this Monday at Rob from Jancy, my high school batch mate. 

Old Party Pic

  I found this picture in one of my friend’s album in Facebook.  I must have been really drunk cause I don’t ever remember taking this one with Gino. This was at the… Continue reading

I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight

Just like the U2 song goes “I’ll go cray if I don’t go crazy tonight’.  So crazy I went last night.  Now I’m back to square one.  So much for changing my  number.