Monthly Archive: March, 2010

Officially Zombified

Stayed up late until the wee hours of the morning to grow my garden of zombie slaying plants to prevent my brain from being by zombies. Plants vs. Zombies rocks! Advertisements


Five people told me I looked different today.  Must be my new leather jacket.

Paint Peeler

If there is one thing my high school classmates would best remember me by is that I was a friendly loner who always read a lot of books.  To my surprise, I googled… Continue reading

The Inheritance of Loss

The less money, the less trouble; the less favor, the less envy. Even in those cases which put us out of wits, it is not the loss itself, but the estimate of the… Continue reading

Stressed? 8 Ways to Go Funky Like the Pink Bunny (with the drum)!

Working in a call center is like digging my grave between cubicles under  fluorescent lights.  I have been in this industry for 4 years now but luckily I did not experience a burn… Continue reading


Anything with Will Ferrel on it…lets go alert! Another movie to add on my to-watch list.  Can’t wait!  But honestly though, its a bit too far away.  Novermber is so ooober distant future!


I hate the world today.  My bag got lost.  =( Someone withdrawed from my atm 3K.  I had to report the loss to my banks and all.  Thank goodness my company Id is… Continue reading

Getting Paid For This

I love my job.   I love it.  I love it.  I love it.   Only 5 chats were routed to me today with an average handling time of 13 minutes.  13 minutes times 5… Continue reading


location: Mc Donalds, Bluegrass, Siberia and MO2 Ice


It was so boring at work today, fortunately, Jassy and David came by around because Jassy had to pass her application forms so that she could go back to work again.  They waited… Continue reading