Back to the Past

(l-r: ken, butch, keith, bryan, jun and me)
The picture was taken June of 2008 with three of the best boy friends I have.  Butch, Bryan and Jun.  They probably do not know this but yes they are.  
I brought this up because after a long time of not seeing each other, I saw Bryan yesterday applying at work.   I also found out the Butch already got in and will be starting training within the next week.  This is so cool!  The gang is around again!  But I am not sure if we will be drinking again after work since all of us have different accounts.  
Don’t get me wrong because I do not have any romantic feelings towards them.  To me, they are like the brothers I wished I had and got from a different mother.  For someone who have major trust issues, they are the only people other than my barkada who I will be caught dead drunk with and still be safe.