Wohoooo!  I’ve got a new book!  The anticipation is killing me!  Can’t wait to read it.  Will tell you if the book beats the series. 
But I can’t wait till I get my hands on these as well:
Its where one of my favorite tv series originated from.  It is about a serial killer who kills only the bad guys.  
Dexter will never disappoint. Each and every episode is a work of art,and it never gets boring or old. To start, we have excellent deliveriesfrom Michael C. Hall as the serial killer (yet a like-able one) knownas Dexter Morgan. Add “The Excorcism Of Emily Rose” star JenniferCarpenter, who plays Dexter’s sometimes moody sister, Deb.

It’s a hard accomplishment to get someone to actually love a serialkiller. But Dexter is one of those few attempts that works. It’s notforced upon you- the show doesn’t shove the whole “well this serialkiller had a terrible childhood…” in your face. And it doesn’t needto in order to get you to love its main character. You just do.

Michael C. Hall can play any emotion he’s handed. Jennifer Carpenterfits her character perfectly, as does everyone else in the cast.

Then there’s the actual story lines. It’s not cliché. It’s actuallyscary and chilling. It keeps you guessing. It’s one of those mysteriesthat is very difficult to solve, but it still keeps your interest.

‘Dexter’ can also be hilarious when it wants to be, depressing when itwants to be and especially thrilling when it wants to be. And itdoesn’t come across as trying too hard.

Strong writing, clever dialogue, talented stars. It all makes for awonderful TV show. Definitely the best new show of the season and willbecome one of the best shows of all time.