Monthly Archive: July, 2010



Green Night Tonight

Had a blast with my dinner dates!  I wanted to order Baby Backribs but my tongue formed the words “Spareribs”.  Now where did that come from?  But that was fine, I enjoyed dinner… Continue reading

Is there treachery when the victim is attacked while defenseless and dying?

There is treachery where the victim, soaked in his own blood, defenseless, and calling for help, weakened and dying, was still attacked, thus employed means to insure or afford impunity.

The One Party That I Came To But Missed

It was Altea’s and Stace’s birthday celebration last night…..didn’t stay long and went AWOL.  I missed all the fun!

Treachery in a Sudden and Unexpected Attack

An unexpected and sudden attack under circumstances which render the victim unable and unprepared to defend himself by reason of the suddenness and severity of the attack constitutes alevosia, and the fact that… Continue reading

Proper Awarding of Exemplary Damages In a Crime of Rape

The relationship of stepfather or stepmother and stepson or stepdaughter is included by analogy as similar to that of ascendant and descendant, and where appreciated as an aggravating circumstance in rape, the award… Continue reading