The word for today is: Unhappy

If my Facebook status went like that yesterday, then why am being down in the rut?  My tears are dried, don’t worry.  But its still raining, causing a typhoon inside my heart.

For one, I am not HAPPY.  There is a difference between being happy and pretending to be chuffed.  Happy is when you look at me.  Not happy is when I feel dead while gritting my teeth and stretching my lips to form a happy smile looking back at you.

Being truly happy is when I am with ^^^.  He makes me feel so alive and so damn special.   My Happy Meal.

However, as they say, the one who makes you happy is also the one that can cause you great wretchedness.

What happened this afternoon, I will keep to my self.  Maybe I gave my self too freely to my passions.  Indiscriminately.  This is what I get…..another river to fill up.