Monthly Archive: September, 2010


How can one describe a broken heart when nobody wants to listen? Mine is not a new story, its nothing new. Ears grow dumb at the whisper of his name. No one wants… Continue reading


Here I am, watching Dexter Season 5×1. Not everyone knows I am fascinated with Serial Killers. Well guess what? I am.That is all you need to know right now or else you might… Continue reading


I am upset. Upset because of how people at school see me. I know it shouldn’t matter but I feel they are correct at some point. There has been a change in me… Continue reading

SCREAM 4! Aaaaack! The mother of all slasher films is back!

The Need for Speed

2G per second.  Wow.  Speechless. I mean, I am already wondering at customers at work who are still not contented with the 6mbps speed that they are getting while I am only getting… Continue reading

Wishing on Simple Things

I WISH there was a button somewhere in my body that says “RESET”. Every thing just isnt going right. I need a break. I need a fresh start and I need out. *sigh*

Im French Leaving You

Wait! I already did! Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. It suddenly felt like November of 2007. Darling, this is the only way to preserve what friendship we have.… Continue reading

Beer and Parties

I gave up beer and parties I hate to say it hasn’t helped me yet I thought my problems would just dissipate And all my pain would be in yesterday I poured my… Continue reading

Knock Knock Me Down

Grabeh…damu wake up call this week bah. One makes me determined and the other one makes me want to curl up and cry.


All I ever want is honesty. Secrecy does not count. I want you to be all out. For once. I will accept everything and leave you alone if that is what you want… Continue reading