High School drop out. College drop out. Is there such a thing called Graduate School drop out?

Gosh, I never thought I’d designate my self with such a title. If there is one, then enroll me in the Graduate School drop out list.

Today, I officially quit Law school. For now, that is.

I try to give myself a lot of reasons why but they don’t seem to justify my sudden loss of interest. Its the pressure… I think. All my life I have fared well in my studies. Not so excellently to grab the Suma or even just the Dean’s List, but I did well. And now this? Failure.

I’ve always enjoyed the erase and rewind game on life but not on my schooling. Can’t believe I applied it.

Law School drained a lot in me. My classmates always viewed me as someone who is smart and the one who never has to worry about grades. When I entered Law school, all that changed for me. Its like the world turned upside down. Now, I am the class dumb ass and the one-most-likely-to-fail.

What is wrong with me? I’m ashamed.

That is why, I had to leave. With my grades spiraling down, I had to quit while I still had my sanity. I will start all over. Hopefully, I can redeem myself.