Monthly Archive: December, 2010

Miserable Old Year. Goodbye.

As the clock ticks the minute away until 2011, I sit here alone and cold cooped up in my chilly little bed. Every second, a fire work blasts away my ears. On a… Continue reading

Its not you Its me

How is it that you think you know someone better than anybody else, but turned out to be all wrong? It feels like being married to a serial killer when all along you… Continue reading


Christmas Lurve! The night the guys wrapped gifts-for the first time? Sweet sweet! I got Win-win’s gift 4 bars of Kit Kat chocolates. Gosh, the girls should have taken a photo of the… Continue reading

Heart Worth Breaking

It’s not like you to say sorry I was waiting on a different story This time I’m mistaken for handing you a heart worth breaking and I’ve been wrong, i’ve been down, been… Continue reading

No More Shoes, Says God.

The last of the things I got out of the house were my shoes. Not just shoes but shoe-ses. Boxes and boxes of them! It was raining hard when I got to the… Continue reading


Finally moved in to my new address. 21st Aguinaldo Street. No more latenes and no more absences! Right now, its time to shop! Yay!