My Entertainment

Just got back from home and I brought with me my speakers and lamp. My mind has been itching to read something ever since I moved in to the dorm and now that I have my own lamp light, I’m free to read in my bed. Yay! And with the speakers on hand, I can blast away with all the rock music I can get. Thank goodness I have the room all to myself.

I also brought my Law books that I should be studying in advance even though my horoscope for 2011 says that I will be straying away from education this year. Poooh! I will not believe that! I will finish school no matter what.

This should keep me busy and out of the streets for a while. If anybody looks for me, I’m in my dorm. Either reading, studying, listening to music, sleeping, still sleeping, Facebooking or having a DVD marathon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!