Im blogging from my phone cause if I don’t let this all out, I feel my insides would just corrode.

This morning my friend Acee reminded me of you-know-him even though I warned her to never speak of the Devil ever again. It was in the office. She was surprised to see me break down like that. It was very unnerving what she did, rubbing everything to my face.

I had an afternoon date with my sister Tracy. We watched “Tanging Ina Mo Rin” hehehe. Laugh Trip. and I just had to splurge on two more books. Booksale at SM is on sale by the way. I got two hardbounds for just 50php.

Here comes the crunching part in which my heart is just crushed by a barb wire. I do not know if I should be happy that he called or not. I am just left feeling confused. Derailed. Why would he call? I just lied in my bed staring at the number on my phone. I was afraid what to say or what he might say? Why call at 10 pm?
This is not fair. After all I have heard, people witnessed and after all he has done to me, it is not right for him to come in and out just like this!

I am not texting. I am not calling back.