Book Review 01 2011: Exquisite Corpse

Cover of "Exquisite Corpse"

Cover of Exquisite Corpse

Of all the murder books I have ever read, there are only two of which I wanted to burn so badly. Incinerate them on the highest temperature and scatter their ashes in a piranha pit. They are so visceraly morbid and graphically excruciating that I wouldn’t want my mom to know I was reading them.

They are so explicitly written that I was ashamed of anyone finding out I liked them- to death. Needful Things

Needful Things

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by Stephen King and Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Brite are the culprits.

However, we are not going to talk about the former. I am here to give my insights on the latter. Exquisite Corpse is about two star crossed lovers in the form of serial killers who set their sights on a young Vietnamese run away. Poppy Brite, took me on a joyride in the carnival of hell and took a pit stop at the Murder House. The way she left nothing to the imagination about a certain kill left my mouth hanging for the next 20 pages. Not only that but she also knows how to tell a moving love story inside a gruesome plot. I think that maybe Poppy Brite might be a serial murderer herself. She held my attention until the end and wanting for more. Hmmm. Interesting.