Me? Hopeless?

A gay friend and I were checking out a hot guy when we were out for a break earlier. He then asked me a mundane question which actually got me to thinking.

Here is the transcript of the conversation as is in Bisaya.

gay friend: Do you have a boyfriend? (may migo ka?)
me: None. (wla)
gay friend: Why don’t you flirt around? (nga-a wla ka ga biga?)
me: Maybe I’m just not promiscous. (Indi lang gid ko ciguro biga-on.)
gay friend: You’re right. You are not that. I remember you once at MO2 Ice. You were wearing a very sexy mini black dress, vixen hair and diva make up but you were over at the bar, Pilsen at the right hand, cigarette on the left with eyes on the basketball game on the tv monitor.
me: ha ha ha ha! You remember that? That was the Play Offs!
gay friend: Of course I remember that! You were watching a basketball game in the middle of a party! Dressed to kill, awesome hair, smoky make up but my gawd! Pilsen? Basketball!? When you should have been hooking up with some guys on the dance floor!
me: hahaha!

After that, I came to thinking. Is it me who is hopeless or guys are just hopeless when it comes to me? I will answer the question tomorrow or maybe later days. hehe