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I Parteh

daw diretsohanay nlang gid ni ya gwa kada weekend ya gle? hahaha What about my promise to skip partying in 2011? Geeeez!!!!! Its because of Hannah and Andrea coming over! Its their fault!… Continue reading

In the crime of robbery with homicide, where conspiracy is present, what are the liabilities of those who took part in its commission?

In a prosecution for robbery with homicide, where conspiracy is present, it does not matter that the prosecution had failed to show who as between the two (2) accused actually stabbed the victim.… Continue reading


Why does it have to be this way? The pain and the hurt of everytime.

When is there treachery in the commission of a crime?

There is treachery when the means, manner or method of attack employed by the offender offered no risk to himself from any defensive or retaliatory act which the victim might have taken.