I Parteh

daw diretsohanay nlang gid ni ya gwa kada weekend ya gle? hahaha

What about my promise to skip partying in 2011? Geeeez!!!!! Its because of Hannah and Andrea coming over! Its their fault! hahah anyway, I enjoyed every minute of it. I even forgot about my promise to not party. Friends are friends and they come here oh so very seldom. Maybe even not get to see them in another 3 or 2 years. huhuhu

But since Andrea is here, I will be her tour guide. Once Hannah, gets back, I’ll do the same for her. But promise nagid ya, indi nko mag gwa gwa mag May!hehe

I have been very baaaaaaad daan! Sheeet! A lot of first times kung mag gwa ko. hahaha
Of course I cannot spill here eh. Super secret stuff between persons involved. I don’t know if the other one is hush2 ah. Aaaack! I am ruined!

No worries, I’ll be keeping my leash tight mag May. Oh, wait. Mag June nalang bla, I’ll go back na sa school, concentrate na ta sa tanan2. Limptan na ang tanan nga good times.

I will have a very serious relationship with two persons.
Si CVG kg UNO-R.

Oh, I just realized, I will be transferring from USLS to UNO gle noh. I will miss La Salle, let us try another environment ah.