All for just 50pesos. More Than Enough Pa Gani Eh

Whaaat a day!!! It feels like I have been everywhere yesterday! After 20 long hours of sleep I woke up about 2am hungry as a panda bear. The awful part was that I did not have any stash in my room. I was able to eat about 8 am already but its all good. I stayed in my room the whole afternoon just listening to music and downloading new ones. At about 6pm I went to Bob’s 21st with only 50 pesos in my pocket figuring I was only going to have Hot Chocolate with my friend. I ended up being dragged to 888 and then to Sorrento. Whew! I only had 20 pesos by then since I bought cigarettes earlier.

At Sorrento we drank 2 pitchers of Margarita. You might say its just Margarita, but mahn! it was so strong! PUCHA gid! I was already wasted when my friends decided to drag me again to the Goverment center to drink some more. WTF!! At NGC, I vomitted so much! I was calling my friend while puking my guts out. I probably did some cartwheels and made a fool of myself there. I was on the phone with my bestgirlfriend cause she was fetching me to go to ICE. I saw one of my other friend’s car and told
Colleen (my bestgirl) to meet me there. At first I wasnt sure if it was really Aris’ car but it was his alright. He was with Martin and Clarissa already drinking.

After NGC, Colleen, Maki, Adrian, Acee and I went to ICE to partey! Yeah! I did not drink anymore but I just danced. Danced my heart out on top of the speakers the whole night! I dont care! Hahha. We finished about 2 am, when I checked my phones, there were a lot of missed calls from my Jassy whom I left at NGC. At the same time, Aris was texting that we should come back. After a lot of calls and texting, my friends and I decided to crash and not go to NGC. Maybe tonight